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Software as a Service (SaaS) FAQ


What kind of support for configuration do you offer when start using Saas?

In case your chosen package does not include any monthly support or in case you do need additional support ]po[ offers a range of services, such as training sessions, configuration support and legacy data import. For additional information please inquire using our contact form. As a SaaS client you'll receive a 10% rebate on our regular prices.

In case you have already used ]po[ in a local environment, additional support might not be necessary. For beginners we recommend contracting at least some 4-6 support hours to streamline the initial phase. Support can be provided by email, chat or by telephone. 

We currently using EXCEL/(other tool) to manage our projects. Is there a way to import this existing data to po?

Importing legacy data into a new ]po[ SaaS instance of ]po[ is possible. Please inquire for a detailed quote and tell us about quantity structure, data to be imported (customers, users, projects) and their attributes (Name, email, ...Project Name, Project Nr., ...., etc.).   

How can templates for Financ­ial Documents be adjusted to our Corporate Design

Find additional information in regards to template generation here

How to Update Your Company Logo?

In order to have your company logo shown on the top left corner of your application and in your templates, please proceed as follows:

  1.  Make sure that your logo is either in format jpg/png/gif and is named logo.gif/logo.png/logo.gif

  2. Login to your ]project-open[ server and navigate to your internal company page. 

  3. Go to your Company File Storage, navigate to the sub-directory 'template_logo' and upload your logo. You will overwrite the default ]project-open[ logo files located in this folder with your own logo.

  4. Adjust parameter 'SystemLogo' on page  http://[YOUR_SERVER]/intranet/admin/parameters/ accordingly so that it fits your logo file type.
    Example: In case you uploaded 'logo.jpg' the value of  'SystemLogo' would need to be changed to  '/logo.jpg' (without single quotes)

­To what level can the SaaS version be customized?

As a SaaS user you'll get full access to the applications ADMIN section with the exception of the ]po[ Package Manager. This means there will be no limitations when it comes to the configuration of modules. In order to add custom packages or use variants of standard ]po[ packages that are customized to your needs, please inquire for a our HOSTING offer.

Please take a moment to complete this form to help us improve our service.

Please only provide feedback in regards to content this page shows. For support inquiries please refer either to the Community Support forum at Sourceforge or check out our 'Professional Support'

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