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About Software Integration

]project-open[ interfaces with a variety of third party applications to import, export or synchronize data.

The figure below provides a schematic overview of existing integration links.


LDAP and Identity Management 

File Server

  • File Server Integration - ]po[ can connect to your corporate/department Windows file server where you are storing your files. ]po[ assumes a folder structure on this server like C:\\projects\<client_path>\<project_path>\...


  • Exchange Rate Integration - ]project-open[ includes an exchange-rate server allowing ]po[ installations to import daily updated exhange rates. 
  • SAP FI (Finance) Integration - An interface to import SAP FI  general ledger information into ]po[. With information from this interface ]po[ can report exact buddget/controlling for IT and other projects.
  • [SAP PS (Project System) Integration] - An interface to import SAP PS information into ]po[ per Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) element.
  • Comma Separated Values (CSV) Export - The ]project-open[ finance base package can export the list of all financial objects into CSV format (in Finance -> Export Customer Financial Documents and Finance -> Export Provider Financial Documents).
  • Navision Integration - An interface to import Microsoft­ Dynamics NAV (Navision)  financial documents (invoices, quotes, receipts, ...), customer information, provider information, employee information and price list.
  • Quick Books Integration  - We know from many customers that they are able to successfully import ]po[ CSV (see above) exports into Quick Books.
  • ContaPlus  - We know from many customer that they are able to successfully import ]po[ CSV exports (see above) into ContaPlus. 
  • [UBL Generic Integration] - [[http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/ubl/|Universal Business Language (UBL)] is an OASIS standard for XML based financial document exchange for ordering and invoicing. ]project-open[ supports a subset of UBL 1.0
  • KHK Kaufmann - German Accounting Software - coming soon
  • SQL-Ledger  ­- Open source double entry accounting system­ - coming soon
  • Lexware Buchhalter  - German Financial Enterprise Suite - coming soon
  • Datev  - European Financial Auditing Software for Lawyers, Tax Consultants, etc. - coming soon

Generic Interfaces and Protocols

  • REST Web-Services Interface - A generic interface to allows external applications to create, read, update and list (CRUL) nearly all information in a ]po[ system via a REST style Web-service interface. 
  • PO-Timesheet  is a time entry client for ]project-open[ written in Java that uses the REST interface.
  • ODBC Interface  - A generic interface to allow external applications to access the ]po[ data-model directly via a database connection. The ODBC interface support direct read and write (update) access, while objects can be created and deleted using the PL/SQL API.
  • XML-RPC Interface - A generic interface to map TCL calls to XML-RPC.

Gantt and Project Information

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • Sugar CRM - ]po[ import SugarCRM customer company and contact information. This one-way integration allows to use SugarCRM for CRM management and to track the execution of following projects using ]po[.
  • [Microsoft Outlook Import] - ]po[ allows to import Microsoft Outlook information both as companies or individual users using the Users -> Import User CSV and Companies -> Import Companies CSV links.
  • Funambol Integration - Funambol   allows ]project-open[ to synchronize contacts, tasks and calendar events with a wide range of PIM (Personal Information Manager) clients including MS-Outlook,  iPhone and Android.
  • Generic CRM Import - The ]po[ REST interface allows any CRM system to update and create users and companies in ]po[. 

ITSM (IT Services Management)

ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) 


  • ]po[ can read analysis files from  SDL TRADOS , Transit, WebBudget and Free Budget.

Other (Internal)

The following integration links are used as part of the normal ]po[ functionality.

  • Mail (SMTP):
    Many packages of ]po[ need to send out emails to notify users about various events. 
  • Full-Text Search:
    Allows to quickly index all important objects in ]po[.
  • Full-Text File Search:
    Allows to index files associated with projects and other objects.
  • Mail-Import:
    Allows to read mail from a POP3 mail box and to associate mails with ]po[ users, projects and tickets based on mail properties (subject, other mail headers)
  • DOT (Workflow Graphs):
    The ]po[ workflow includes graphical representations of the workflow, both for the workflow editor and the workflow execution engine. These GIFs are rendered using the "dot" (GraphViz) functionality.
  • System Information:
    The root page of ]po[ usually includes information about the system's IP address, available memory etc.
  • File System Interaction:
    The filestorage package uses "find" and other tools in order to access the local filesystem.
  • PostgreSQL Backup:
    The integrated backup management expects that the PostgreSQL"pg_dump" command will work.

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